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Wednesday 13 July 2022 | 2 min read

Aussie Fibre rollout and what it means for you

As we come close to completing our Aussie Fibre network build, we’ve had lots of questions about how it affects our customers and their services – particularly because you may have seen a few early morning outages going on.

So, we wanted to take the time to explain what the fibre build will mean for you and your services with us.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the reliability of our services and customer experience – and that’s where the fibre build comes into the picture.

For the last couple of years, we’ve been all over Australia putting Aussie Fibre into the ground.

But what does this Aussie Fibre network have to do with my internet service?

While we can’t control what happens with the NBN portion of the network, we can control how our own network operates in linking the NBN (and you) to the rest of the world.

The reliability of our network will improve as we will no longer need to rely on previous third-party routes, we now own those routing options with multiple paths to get to you.

Think of it like Google or Apple Maps – when you put in your destination, you’ll be given several route options with similar ETAs. If there’s an accident on one route, then the app will direct you to another road.

On the same line of thinking, if there’s an issue with a cable, e.g. someone doesn’t dial before they dig and accidentally cuts a cable, your service will be able to continue on one of our other paths.

And, because it’s our own fibre, if something goes wrong, we can fix it ourselves without needing to wait for a third-party.

Having multiple routes also means there may be shorter path options, which would help reduce latency for our gamer customers – who knows, that might be the difference between clutching up in a 6 v 1 or being the first taken out.

The network will also increase our capacity and allow us to have more services on it simultaneously.

It essentially means that we have more flexibility and can better cater to the needs of our customers, including our business customers.

I’ve been having a few ‘maintenance’ notifications recently, why?

As you may know, we believe in no bullsh*t communication with our customers.

We are conscious that you have likely received a few more maintenance notifications than normal in the last six months or so.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we’d like to explain why these were happening.

As we laid fibre in the ground and completed sections of the fibre build, we needed to optimise and migrate our customers onto that new fibre cabling.

To do this, your service would have experienced a brief interruption in the early hours of the morning, after midnight and before 6am.

However, now that the fibre build is almost completed, in the next coming months you should see, if you haven’t already, less notifications from Aussie Broadband.

We get that outages and maintenance can be annoying, but we’re really excited about our new network and the improved service we can provide our customers.

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