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Friday 22 Dec 2023 | 1 min read

Aussie's 2023 Christmas Donation

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This time of year is all about giving, but it doesn’t have to stop at our immediate family and friends. This belief is at the core of our Christmas donation, where we give back to awesome charities who do great work for communities across Australia.

We’re thrilled to announce the two recipients of our annual Christmas donation, with charities Eat Up and PANDA both receiving $15,000 to help deliver their programs.

The first charity, Eat Up, has a simple and important mission – to feed hungry kids so they can learn, grow, and succeed. 1 in 5 children go to school hungry every day, not getting the necessary fuel to be the best version of themselves. Coming from households that may be going through financial hardship, violence, or homelessness, the impact of hunger means falling further behind their classmates.

A row of people with many loaves of bread on front of them on a table, seemingly making sandwiches. There is a mix of different people, and some are seated whilst others are standing.

Like us, Eat Up’s roots are in rural Victoria, with the organisation now reaching over 700 schools nationwide. Their team of volunteers and partners have managed to deliver over 3 million lunches since their formation in 2013, and in 2024 our Aussie team members will have the opportunity to do their bit through a series of sandwich-making sessions in offices across the country.

Our second donation is going to PANDA, a provider of perinatal mental health support for parents nationwide. The first year of parenthood can be overwhelming, with many misunderstood feelings associated with perinatal anxiety and depression.

PANDA provides telephone counselling delivered by counsellors and people with lived experience, as well as many online resources and mental health checklists so parents can check in on how they are feeling. Their mission feeds into our own new parental leave program, and PANDA will be working with us over the coming months to support our parental leave awareness program.

A mother with a red t-shirt on, holding her newborn infant in her hand. The infant has a blue headband and a nappy on, and they're seated in a room with a curtain and flowers in the background.

We wish all Aussies a safe and happy new year and look forward to what 2024 has in store!

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Benjamin Millard

Benjamin Millard

Communications Officer

Benjamin (or Ben) is a Communications Officer at Aussie Broadband. Responsible for the operation of Aussie’s organic social media, Ben also produces editorial blog content, as well as helping with community management. In his spare time, he...

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