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Wednesday 27 May 2020 | 2 min read

Streaming left you screaming? Here’s some helpful tips

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You’re parked on the couch having binged the last several episodes of your new favourite TV show, it’s all about to go down aaaand you get the buffering ring of doom!

Is there anything worse in the world? I mean probably, but in that moment the answer is definitely NO. You mutter “You’ve got to be kidding me,” as you desperately try everything so you can find out what happens next!

Don’t worry, we’re here to support you through it and give you some tips to help alleviate the stress and rage you feel in that moment.

Tip 1: Streaming device or WiFi?

First things first, use a different device to test the speeds of your internet in the same room. For example, if you’re struggling to stream on your TV, use your phone to test the internet in the TV room. This will help you understand whether the problem is with your streaming device or something else.

If it is your streaming device (for example your TV) then refer to your device’s user manual for troubleshooting.

Tip 2: Remove any interference

It may sound ridiculous, but household devices like microwaves, security cameras and cordless phone handsets & bases can interfere with the strength of your WiFi signal. So, make sure that your router is in an open area and not near any devices that may affect the signal quality.

Tip 3: Happy WiFi, happy life

Our best tip – Connect your streaming device to the internet via an ethernet cable. An ethernet cable directly connects your device to the router, giving you the best connection possible.

Ethernet cable a no go? If your WiFi router is 5.0GHz compatible, then try using the 5.0GHz frequency. To find out more about the differences in frequencies, click here.

Things still aren’t great? Your router might not be able to reach your streaming device and might need some help. WiFi boosters give your connection the extra help it needs to cover the whole house. Want to know more about WiFi boosters? Click here.

Tip 4: Power-cycle (no bicycles involved)

If you are still having problems, try performing a power-cycle. That’s where you unplug your device from the wall socket for roughly 30 seconds, before plugging it back into the wall.

For example, when attempting to perform a power-cycle on your Fetch box, simply turning it on and off using the remote will NOT work. This is the same for power-cycling your Smart TV.

Tip 5: Soft reset on your Fetch box

A soft reset clears all your settings but won’t remove your recordings.

Through the Fetch interface:

  1. Enter the Fetch Main Menu

  2. Select Manage then go down to Settings

  3. Select Device Info on the far-right side of the menu

  4. Select Soft Factory Reset, enter the pin and continue.

If the problem continues, check out the Fetch User Guides for more troubleshooting steps or click here to visit the Fetch troubleshooting section of our Help Centre. You can also give our customer service team a call on 1300 880 905 if you need.

So, there you have it. Hopefully these tips will help you get back online and streaming your heart away, because we all know that there’s always time for “just one more,” episode!

Speaking of which, I need to upload this ASAP so I can finish watching Tiger King, I can’t believe it’s a documentary! Surely, Carole Baskin did it?!


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