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Discover how our Aussie Fibre helped Ai English leverage their connectivity to delivery virtual lessons to thousands of students across Asia.

The challenge

Based in Melbourne's Southbank, Ai English provides world-class education programs to more than 60 clients across China using innovative technology to live stream lessons into classrooms.

With plans to expand into Japan and the broader Asia Pacific region, Ai English needed access to an internet service with sufficient bandwidth to power data-hungry 4K cameras, digital smart boards and other teleconferencing equipment and support accessories. However, with staff working from home through Melbourne's strict lockdowns and educators presenting remote lessons from their homes, Ai English needed a telco that could tailor solutions specific to their needs.

Our whole business model is dependent on our internet service, so we needed something we could rely on to consistently deliver the bandwidth we need.

Andrew RaphaelMarketing Manager, Ai English

The solution

With such a critical reliance on their internet services, we quickly realised Ai English would need access to the reliability and speeds only fibre optic internet infrastructure can deliver.

Our new ultrafast Aussie Fibre Internet product, which was expanding across Melbourne, seemed like the perfect solution for the business. Our very own fibre network, Aussie Fibre Internet has the capacity to deliver symmetrical plans up to 10/10Gbps with a committed bandwidth at an awesome 1:1 contention ratio. Featuring international transit and multipath redundancy guaranteeing 99.95% uptime (otherwise we'll pay a rebate), Aussie Fibre ticked all the boxes for Ai English.

Aussie Broadband's prices are very cost effective and it's also an Australian-based company. So we've signed up for the 2 Gbps plan, but we have the potential to go to 10 Gbps if we want to.

Andrew RaphaelMarketing Manager, Ai English

The result

Aussie Fibre Internet has helped Ai English power operations through the pandemic, beaming educational classes from presenters' homes to students across Asia. The business had small SD-WAN boxes installed into all-in-one green screen machines, which beamed live classes from the presenters' homes to the company's stable link between Melbourne and China.

Ai English intends to continue with this model, even when Melbourne's lockdown restrictions are lifted. While this model requires an increase in bandwidth, the business said it had significantly reduced operational costs.

With room to increase their plan when they inevitably grow and expand - the business is already planning on purchasing more bandwidth - Aussie Fibre Internet and our tailored approach to connectivity solutions has allowed the talented team to focus on delivering classes without having to worry about delay or lag.

We're very happy to be the first customer to get connected to Aussie Broadband's new fibre network…We wanted high-speed internet and something that has the option to be scalable in the future.

Andrew RaphaelMarketing Manager, Ai English

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