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Monday 22 May 2023 | 5 min read

SIM-Only plans: What are they, and why are people making the switch?

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When it comes to choosing a mobile phone plan, there are countless options out there. Providers offer an array of deals to suit anyone from light users to data-hungry consumers.  

With so many options, what should you be looking for? One of the smartest options is to choose a SIM-only plan. SIM-only plans let you avoid the commitment of long- term contracts, save more money, and enjoy incredible flexibility.  

So, what’s a SIM-only plan and what are the key advantages? Check out this guide to find out if it’s the right type of mobile phone plan for you.  

What’s a SIM-only plan? 

SIM-only plans are plans that give you call, text, and data usage, but they don’t come with handset repayments. For this reason, they’re sometimes known as BYO plans; you need to have your own phone while the provider supplies you with a SIM card (or even an e-SIM).  

Since you can pick your level of usage and keep using the same phone or buy one outright, SIM-only plans are a great way to keep your phone spend under control. 

SIM-only plans can be post-paid plans, for which you receive a bill at the end of the billing cycle. These monthly rolling plans give you a standard cap on usage (typically only on data, with unlimited calls and texts). Post-paid plans will also capture any additional charges you’ve incurred over the month, such as excess data charges and international calls and roaming. Your phone bill will also include these additional expenses as well as the recurring monthly cost.

Alternatively, they can be prepaid plans that can last anywhere from a few days up to a year. These plans let you control excess data charges. When you’ve exceeded your data usage, you must top up with extra inclusions and data packs to continue using your phone. Given this, prepaid plans can be an excellent option for kids, teenagers, and their parents - as they're an easy way to manage costs. 

You can set both post-paid and prepaid plans to auto-renew or auto-recharge at the end or beginning of each billing cycle. 

Benefits of switching to SIM-only plans  

SIM-only plans give you flexibility, cost control, and much more. 

1. Cost-effective 

SIM-only plans, especially prepaid plans, are far more cost-effective than typical with-phone plans. These are some of the ways you can save with a SIM-only plan:  

  • No handset payments - You’re not paying off a handset. With traditional post-paid handset plans, you often end up paying far more than what your phone is worth for the duration of the plan, compared with buying the same phone outright and using a SIM-only plan. 

  • Pay for only what you use - You can easily find a SIM-only plan that matches your usage, so you’re paying only for the data you need (local calls and texts are generally unlimited). This means you won’t be overpaying for data you don’t use or need.

  • Downgrade and upgrade - As your needs change from month to month, you can upgrade or downgrade to prevent overpaying.

  • Dual usage - If you need two separate numbers to split your personal and business use, SIM-only plans can be the most cost-effective way to go about it. This is especially true if your usage needs for your personal and business plans differ a lot. If you have a dual SIM phone, you can put both plans on the same phone for added convenience.  

2. Network advantages and tools 

SIM-only plans typically give you the same network and user advantages as post-paid plans.  

  • Network coverage - These may include the same extensive network coverage across the country and 4G and 5G calling.

  • Features and tools - You might have access to the same features like online dashboards, self-management apps (such as our MyAussie® app), and data- usage alerts. These self-service tools can make it easy for you to track your usage   and swap and change your plan, so you can better match your changing usage needs.  

  • Inclusions - You’ll usually also get the same core inclusions, like unlimited calls and texts, voicemail, and data allowances.  

3. Use an existing phone or choose a phone you like  

If you’re not looking to upgrade your phone yet, a SIM-only plan lets you use your existing phone.  

  • Use an existing phone - Smartphones typically last far longer than the 12 or 24 months associated with post-paid phone contracts. Your existing phone might still be in great condition.  

  • Choose from more offerings - If you would like to upgrade, a SIM only plan gives you the freedom to choose any phone you like. This way, you’re not limited to the provider's choice of   handsets. These are often the more expensive or flagship phones rather than budget-friendly models. The budget phones and mid-range phones of today come with excellent features, so they can offer more value for each dollar spent.  

  • Upgrade when you like - Going SIM-only lets you swap your phone and upgrade whenever you like, rather than being forced to keep a new phone for the term of the contract before you can upgrade. The only thing you’ll need to do is to make sure your device is unlocked. If it’s locked, ensure it’s locked to the network you’re using. 

4. Flexibility and ease 

SIM-only plans are flexible and easy to change. The shorter your contract, the easier you’ll find it to switch and change your plan according to changing needs.  

  • Exit and switch - You can exit the contract at the end of your billing cycle, whether that’s 21 days or a month. You don’t need to wait 12 months, 24 months, or even 36 months to pay off your phone and finish the contract.  

  • No termination fees - You can exit your plan without expensive early termination fees, unlike you would with a conventional contract that includes a phone. 

  • No credit checks - You won’t have to undergo credit checks as you would with a long-term contract. You can take advantage of SIM-only plans even if you have a poor credit history. 

  • Easy activation - It’s easy to activate your plan and get started. Typically, all you need to do is insert the SIM card and activate it online. 

5. Take advantage of better deals 

When you’re on a SIM-only plan, you can shop around for a better deal for your phone plan at any time. This also goes for a new handset when you’re ready to upgrade. Instead of committing to a long-term contract for a flagship phone, you can pay outright for a budget or mid-range phone and bring it to your SIM-only plan. 

You’re not locked into a plan that might last for anywhere from 12 to 36 months. This means you’re free to take advantage of other special deals like monthly bundles, discounts, and special upgrade deals with the same provider.  

Why switch to Aussie Broadband’s mobile phone plans?

Aussie Broadband’s SIM-only mobile phone plans give you loads of data on our 4G or 5G network with unlimited local calls and texts and no-lock-in contracts.

You’ll be able to share data across services on the same account and use the MyAussie® app to add or switch mobile phone plans. Our SIM-only plans ensure you’re only paying for what you use - while still enjoying all the network advantages, features, and tools of standard post-paid plans.  

Our range of plans, from our Basic Pack to our Future Now plans, are designed to suit the needs of every type of user and lifestyle. They offer complete flexibility. So, when your data needs change, you can switch plans at any time. 

  • Light users - If you’re a light user, consider our Basic Pack, Stay Connected, or Aussie Saver plans. These are suitable for email, social media, and surfing the internet. 

  • Medium users - If you’re regularly streaming or browsing social media on the go, our Max Value and Data Hungry plans are suitable for those with bigger data needs.  

  • Data-hungry users - If you’re streaming HD video, gaming online, and use data to work on the go, our Tech First and Future Now plans give you the ultimate in data allowance on our 5G network.  

Switching to Aussie Broadband’s mobile phone plans means you’ll be with Australia’s most trusted telco and have the support of our 100% Australia-based team.  

Ready to switch to Aussie Broadband for your SIM-only plan?

Start by double-checking that your handset is unlocked and then follow these easy steps: 

  1. Order a SIM with Aussie Broadband.  

  2. Once you receive your SIM, activate it at by following the prompts and instructions 

  3. Make sure you have your SIM number and Activation Code on hand. You can find these in the envelope your SIM card arrives in and the email we send you. If you want to keep your mobile number, you’ll get the option to port your number 
    across when you activate your SIM.

    • Porting your number is a simple process that won’t mean extra downtime. If you have any enquiries throughout the process, our friendly Australian-based customer support team are here to help. For assistance, get in touch by phone on 1300 880 905. 

Consider SIM-only plans 

SIM-only plans are an excellent alternative to traditional long-term phone plans. They give you incredible cost savings with the flexibility to use your existing phone, upgrade whenever you like, and switch plans without being locked into a contract. With so many different SIM-only plans to choose from, you’re likely to find one that matches your phone usage.  

Ready to make the switch? Aussie Broadband is Australia’s most trusted telco and we offer a great range of 4G and 5G SIM-only plans. You can explore all our SIM-only plans and get started with your order here. If you have any questions, give our friendly Australian-based team a call today at 1300 880 905.

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