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Business case study

AKD Softwoods

Discover how Aussie Broadband was able to deliver a solution that met AKD Softwoods' needs without restricting their future growth.

The challenge

When it came time for AKD Softwoods to install corporate grade connections and MPLS across their various remote locations, they immediately faced a range of challenges. Reaching out to various service providers, the larger telcos wanted to build their own infrastructure.

Not only did this result in steep build costs, but it would also limit AKD’s ability to change providers in future. Flexibility of service was just as vital as cost, given their changing needs as the business grows and adapts.

The solution

The AKD Softwoods ICT Manager had been using Aussie Broadband for his home internet for some time, so decided to contact them for an alternate solution. Looking into their individual sites, Aussie BB was able to reduce their potential build costs to nothing simply by leveraging the nbn® infrastructure in place.

Where infrastructure wasn’t yet installed, Aussie BB worked with AKD to manage the process.

It was really nice that Aussie negotiated with nbn® on our behalf.

Stephen PefanisICT Manager, AKD Softwoods

By working with both AKD and NBN, Aussie BB was able to ensure infrastructure was installed without creating a service that was tied to a single provider.

The result

Aussie Broadband was able to propose and deliver a solution that met AKD Softwoods' needs, including sites in remote and regional areas, without restricting the customer regarding future growth.

Additionally, the customer and technical support teams provide ongoing assistance to AKD.

The technical support team are fantastic. Everyone I’ve dealt with have been so good… the guys were responsive, they knew their stuff, and they got the job done… [Aussie BB are] so easy to deal with, we’ve had no real challenges.

Stephen PefanisICT Manager, AKD Softwoods

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