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Friday 1 Dec 2023 | 5 min read

A guide to Built for Business nbn® plans

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At Aussie Broadband, we constantly work to deliver better connectivity for Australian businesses. It goes back to our humble beginnings, bringing wireless broadband to regional businesses that couldn’t yet access the internet any other way. Then came the nbn® rollout and fibre connect program. These initiatives have boosted Australia’s digital capabilities and redefined what's possible for businesses nationwide. 

Now, we’re excited to introduce the latest iteration of business nbn®: Built for business nbn® plans. Launching 1 December 2023. 

These are part of a business nbn® refresh, designed to help businesses meet today’s digital demands by making high-speed internet more accessible. We've reduced the prices on high-speed business nbn® plans, and added features businesses need to stay competitive in a digital-first world. 

Unfortunately, the nbn®'s Special Access Undertaking (SAU) decision, which allowed us to reduce the prices of our high-speed nbn® plans (100/20 and above) also led to the increased cost of lower speed plans (50/20 and below). This wasn't a decision we made lightly. But in making high speed internet more affordable, we hope that more businesses can access the tech they need to stay competitive, innovative and future-proof.

A graphic showing the old and new prices of business nbn plans avaiable as built for business nbn plans. They are as follows: 25/10 is now $75/month, up from $69, 50/20 is now $85/month, up from $79, 100/40 is now $105/month, down from $109, 250/100 is now $149/month, down from $209, 500/200 is now $199/month, down from $319, 1000/400 is now $299/month, down from $429

In this guide, we’ll take you through the features available to your business through the nbn® built for business plans. 

What are built for business nbn® plans?

The Built for Business nbn® plans are business nbn® plans come with an additional support pack. The support pack contains a suite of business-grade features, including: An Enhanced Service Level Agreement (eSLA), 7 days a week support, fault monitoring, additional support appointment windows, and access to business-dedicated support technicians.

What are the benefits of the Built for Business nbn® plans?

Faster support: Through the support options available in the Built for Business nbn® plans, any issues with your nbn® connection will get resolved much quicker. For businesses that rely on the internet (which, today, is almost every business), this will mean less unproductive time.

More support times: Plenty of businesses run outside the typical office hours of 9 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday. With the nbn built for business support packs, you can now access support outside these hours from accredited business nbn® technicians. 

Cost-effective prices: Thanks to the nbn®’s continued investment in business internet infrastructure, high-speed internet plans are cheaper than ever. And they now come with business-grade support features at no extra charge. Previously, support packs were a paid upgrade to business nbn® plans. Now, business-grade support packs available from $0* with an eligible business nbn® plan.

What speed tiers can I get with the Built for Business nbn® plans?

Built for business nbn® plans are available on the speed tiers: Business Fast - 100/40, Business Ultra - 250/100, Business Turbo - 500/200, and Business Elite - 1000/400.

Unfortunately, we don't offer built for business nbn® plan features on Business Basic - 25/10 and Business Value - 50/20 plans business. Although, these plans still have our standard business-grade features, such as business-dedicated support and a free static IP address.

What’s included in the Built for Business nbn® plans?  

 Here are all the features that come with the Built for Business nbn® plans.

Enhanced Service Level Agreement (eSLA)

If there's a fault on your service, an eSLA is NBN Co’s commitment to action it within a specific timeframe (either 4, 8 or 12 hours). Previously, this was a paid upgrade to your support pack. And without the upgrade, there was no guaranteed fault restoration timeline. Now, it's available to every business with an eligible nbn® plan (100/40 and above).


Plan speed tiereSLA inclusion
Business Fast - 100/40 (Typical busy speeds (9am-5pm): 97Mbps download, 33Mbps upload.) 12 hour eSLA
Business Ultra - 250/100 (Typical busy speeds (9am-5pm): 243Mbps download, 84Mbps upload.) 4 hour eSLA
Business Turbo - 500/200 (Typical busy speeds (9am-5pm): 487Mbps download, 168Mbps upload.) 4 hour eSLA
Business Elite - 1000/400 (Typical busy speeds (9am-5pm): 600Mbps download, 336Mbps upload.) 4 hour eSLA

Seven-day support 

Your business might be open (and doing roaring trade) outside the "typical business hours" of 9am-5pm on weekdays. Even if you don't, you've probably worked on your business outside those hours (we've all been there).

The potential for internet issues doesn't knock off at 5pm on a Friday. Neither do our Australian-based team of business nbn® support experts. They're available Saturday and Sunday (as well as every other day of the week) to answer any questions or solve any issues with your business nbn® connection.

For businesses in need of round-the-clock support, 24/7 support is available from the nbn®'s business service centre.

Outside business hours installation 

 If you work during regular business hours, internet installation can be disruptive.

While we do our best to ensure a speedy, seamless installation (with minimal downtime if you're switching from another connection), it's never 100%. It's not the best look inviting an important client to your office and them having to step over our nbn® technicians!

That's why we offer installation after 5pm on weekdays and weekends. That way, you can get your connection sorted while you're closed for business.


Proactive, managed and automated fault monitoring

Prevention is the best cure. That's why our team of nbn® network engineers proactively monitor your network for any issues that have the potential to derail your connection. They’re also backed by our state-of-the-art Automated Fault Identification (AFI) systems. It's not quite Minority Report, but proactive monitoring will ensure your service doesn't run into any avoidable problems.


Additional window for business assurance appointments

With increased reliance on the internet and the gradual transition to the nbn® network, The demand for business nbn® support is getting bigger. To respond to the demand, we've added an extra assurance window (9am-12pm) in which you can book an appointment for nbn® support.


Monitoring for seven days after assurance event or fibre connect

It happens. Sometimes, your nbn® fix won't go to plan. Whether the same issue reappears soon after or the solution opens a can of worms that lead to more problems, we'll be ready to get you through it. We monitor your service for seven days after each assurance event to nip those annoying reoccurrences in the bud.


Access to business nbn® accredited technicians 

Compared to residential properties' relatively standard internet infrastructure, businesses can run on unique sites. And often, connecting complex premises requires specific expertise. So we trained a team of nbn® technicians on the ins and outs of business nbn®. Now, we've got a group of business nbn® experts adept in the intricacies of business internet.

How much do the Built for Business nbn® plans cost? 

For plans of 250/100Mbps and above, the Built for Business support packs come as standard.

For the 100/40 plan, the built-for-business support packs features will cost an additional $10/month on top of the cost of your plan.

The included eSLA and uptime guarantee will also vary depending on the plan speed tier.

See the table below for a full breakdown of the plan costs for each speed tier.

Plan speed tierAdditional cost (compared to purchasing the plan outright with no support pack)
Business Fast - 100/40 (Typical busy speeds (9am-5pm): 97Mbps download, 33Mbps upload.) $10/month
Business Ultra - 250/100 (Typical busy speeds (9am-5pm): 243Mbps download, 84Mbps upload.) No additional cost
Business Turbo - 500/200 (Typical busy speeds (9am-5pm): 487Mbps download, 168Mbps upload.) No additional cost
Business Elite - 1000/400 (Typical busy speeds (9am-5pm): 600Mbps download, 336Mbps upload.) No additional cost

Note: 250/100 plans and above are only available with the built for business support packs.

Additional charges may apply for a new property development and subsequent installations. Not available at all premises. All prices subject to change without notice. Actual speeds may vary due to external factors including in-building wiring. Actual speeds on FTTN/B/C technology type confirmed upon connection. Business Ultra, Turbo & Elite only available for FTTP and select HFC connection types. Typical business speeds (9am – 5pm) based on ACCC MBA results from September 2023. T&Cs apply 

How can I get a Built for Business nbn® plan?

 Nbn plans with Business support packs are now live on our business nbn® page. To learn more, call our 100% Australian-based team at 1300 480 905 or contact us via our website.

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