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Thursday 3 Aug 2023 | 5 min read

Moving home? How to easily relocate your internet

A couple moving house, with a man holding an empty box while the woman packs some books

Whether renting or buying, we get that moving into a new home is stressful. Worse still is collapsing on the new sofa you bought off Facebook Marketplace, only to realise you haven’t got internet.   

Lucky for you, sorting out your internet when moving is easy to do, and can be one of the first things you tick off your to-do list. We do recommend organising your internet earlier, because it can take up to 2 to 4 weeks if you need an installation appointment. 

Checking your connection  

First thing’s first: check how your new property is being serviced by internet, either through nbn® or Opticomm. For fixed line or wireless connections, you can check all the details here, including your premises’ readiness and connection technology. Otherwise, you can take a look at our different NBN or Opticomm plans, or see our guide to figure out what plan is best for you 

If you’re moving into a rental property that isn’t currently connected to the NBN or Opticomm network, it’s important to get consent from your landlord or property manager before organising a connection. 

Bought a home? Congrats! There are a couple of different scenarios, but if you know your new place has already been connected to a network, you can skip over this bit. 

If you’re building a new or off-the-plan home, you’ll need to ask the developer if they’re building with the NBN or Opticomm network in mind. From there, follow either the NBN or Opticomm guide for new builds, and make sure your builders are aware of the requirements for each network. This is a great time to make sure you get the connection type you think you’ll need – and even consider futureproofing with the rise of smart, connected devices.   

A family moving house and having fun playing with the empty boxes

When you’re close to deciding your connection type, you’ll also need to know your move in date before ordering a new plan. This is so your retail service provider (RSP) knows what day to turn your connection on.  

If you’re switching to Aussie, you should receive an appointment time within 24 hours of selecting a plan or calling our Sales team. If not, our service delivery team are on call at 1300 880 905 to assist.  

Looking for reliable internet?

Click the button to see what nbn® or Opticomm plans you can get at your new address!

See plans here

Note: if you’re an existing Aussie customer, click to jump to our section on relocating your service!

If your previous address wasn’t with Aussie, remember to cancel to your old service so you’re not double billed! You can do this on your moving day, or before if it suits you.  

Getting the right hardware 

Once you’ve confirmed your new connection type, it’s a good time to check whether you’ve got the right modem or router. If the connection type is the same as your current property, you’re in luck – you shouldn’t need to buy a different device when moving.   

Properties that have Fibre to the Node or Building (FTTN/B) connection will need a modem that uses VDSL2 technology. Don’t fret though – we’ve got a guide here for you to figure out what type of modem or router (or both) you need for your connection type.   

As a rule of thumb, if your new house has an NBN or Opticomm box mounted to a wall or sitting inside, then a router that has a WAN port is all you need to get connected. Fear not former FTTN/B folk – if you’ve got already got a VDSL2 modem with a WAN port, you can use this too! This is for technology types:   

  • Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)  

  • Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)  

  • Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)   

  • Fixed Wireless  

Not all modems can be used for all RSPs, with some locked to the provider it was purchased from. If you’re unsure, reach out to your RSP and check if your modem is locked to them. This is a really important step, and we recommend you find out this information as soon as you can to avoid being left in the lurch.   

Upgrading your plan to a higher speed? Before pressing confirm, it’s best to check your current tech will be able to provide those speeds. You just need to find out the specifications of your modem or router, either by looking in the manual or by doing a quick Google search.   

Relocating your service  

If you’re an Aussie customer, relocating your internet service is easy! You can go onto the MyAussie® app or online portal and scroll down until you see the “Relocate Service” button. From there, it’s a case of entering your new address, selecting your preferred plan, and setting the earliest date you want to be connected. You can also choose when you're available for an NBN technician to visit your property, if necessary.  

A screenshot of the MyAussie web portal home page, with the page scrolled to the bottom and a red rectangle highlighting the section

If you've decided to switch RSPs, remember to call up your old provider and cancel your service with them! This is so you’re not double billed, and we recommend doing this only when your new service is online to minimise downtime. 

If you need a crossover period, such as you need your internet at two properties simultaneously for a bit, you should give our Sales team a call on 1300 880 905 so we can organise it for you.   

Here’s a step-by-step guide for both new and existing customers to move your service with you.  

Setting it all up 

The removalist van has left, you’ve shifted your plants into position, and you’re about to put the final touches on your move – plugging in your internet!  

A couple moving house and sharing memories while they unpack photo frames

The removalist van has left, you’ve shifted your plants into position, and you’re about to put the final touches on your move – plugging in your internet!   

Your RSP should have contacted you to notify you that your connection has been activated, so it’s time to sort out all those cables you’ve lugged over from your old property. If you’re lost over where to plug what (we’ve all been at some point), check out our videos on how to setup your hardware, or read this guide on how to setup your BYO router.

It’s best to set your router away from other appliances – like on a shelf – to reduce interference. If you find that your Wi-Fi is slow, read our blog post on the reasons behind slow internet and some tips and tricks to solve it.   

If at any point throughout your installation or rental time you need support, our 100% Aussie-based call centres are open 8am to 12am Monday to Sunday on 1300 880 905, or on our LiveChat.   

In the meantime, happy moving! 

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