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Staff Retention

Add some extra resources to your ranks.

Keeping your IT team well equipped, productive and happy is challenging in a large enterprise. Especially when you're dealing a complex environment and workflows. This is where some expert help can give you an advantage. Partnering with Aussie Broadband augments your existing IT team with experts who bring the capability you need to overcome the staffing issues that hamper your IT function.

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relieve the pressure on it
Major risk factors

Keep your staff happy and their workloads manageable.

Reduce IT budgeting headaches.

Managing your own IT infrastructure invariably brings budget headaches in the form of maintenance costs, security, tech debt and business preferences between CapEx and OpEx.

Switching to managed IT services like Aussie Broadband's private cloud gives you a cost-effective solution with access to top-tier IT professionals. You can change your IT posture from reactive to proactive through always-on support, maintenance and security.

You'll also gain a more predictable cost model which helps you plan and budget more accurately for staffing requirements and infrastructure. This reduces the likelihood of unexpected costs that put pressure on IT budgets and prevent hiring additional resources.

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Retain quality staff.

In a lean organisation with multi-disciplinary roles, retaining staff is crucial for operational continuity. However, threats such as stress, burnout, and competition from hyperscalers can undermine staff retention.

Partnering with Aussie Broadband helps reduce your IT workload and provide opportunities for your people to engage in more professional development. More reasonable workloads reduce the risk of burnout and employee dissatisfaction through a better work-life balance.

Our team supports your team with around-the-clock support, reducing the need for after-hours or on-call work. Our team can also collaborate with yours to provide expertise on specific projects or initiatives and gain access to advanced technologies without having to invest in them directly.

Increase time for innovation.

IT innovation is critical to keeping your organisation ahead of competitors and improving your service delivery. Unfortunately, the time investment required to perform many everyday IT functions often leaves very little time for innovation in IT processes.

This imbalance forces your IT team to focus on short term problems and deprives stakeholders of new efficiencies and revenue in the long term.

Partnering with Aussie Broadband delivers additional resources to dedicate to time consuming daily activities while enabling your IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives. This can include developing new IT projects, researching and implementing emerging technologies to improve efficiency and drive growth.

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Solutions by Product

Tailored services to keep your IT team well equipped and happy.

Increase time for innovation by steamlining and optimising IT processes.

  • Managed Networks

    Support critical functions with high-performance networking.

    Boost the performance and efficiency of your network traffic with SD-WAN, Private IP, data centre connectivity, and hosted firewall.
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  • Managed Cloud

    Cloud technology hosted in Australian data centres.

    Increase security, control, and scalability in your IT environment with private cloud, data protection, and storage solutions.
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  • Internet

    Experience speed and reliability the Aussie way.

    Seamlessly handle high bandwidth applications and data transfer with connectivity options of up to 10,000/10,000Mbps.
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