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VPN Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Thursday 27 Apr 2023

We understand that more and more people are working from home right now and some are experiencing issues with their VPN. Before calling our fantastic customer service team, please ensure you disable ALG protocols* as outlined below to eliminate it being a configuration issue.

Most modem/routers have the settings in a similar place, and it's certainly true for Netcomm and TP-Link devices. If you are unsure where the ALG protocols are in the settings of your modem/router, please refer to your device’s manual.

  1. Sign in to your modem/router ( for Netcomm NF20MESH)

  2. Click on Advanced Setup > NAT > ALG

  3. This should show a list of enabled protocols

  4. Untick ‘Enable PPTP’

  5. Untick ‘Enable IPSEC’

  6. Untick ‘Enable RTSP’

  7. Save changes

Please note most VPNs do not operate on ports that we block by default, so unblocking your ports is unlikely to help the problem.

If the above configuration change doesn’t help with your VPN issue, then please feel free to call us on 1300 880 905

We do appreciate your assistance - it helps us keep our call centre wait times under control.

*ALG stands for Application Layer Gateway and helps by facilitating the connection between your PC and your VPN server, through the modem itself. Sometimes, this leads to problems as it can mangle information in the process by rewriting it, which causes some VPN end points to panic that details have been altered, reacting badly.

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